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KTWO  K2 Digital, Inc   
KSCI  Kahiki Foods, Inc.   
KAIH  Kaire Holdings, Inc.   
KROH  Kairos Holdings Inc.   
KALG  KAL Energy, Inc.   
KANA  Kana Software, Inc.   
KRVR  Karver International, Inc.   
KTHN  Katahdin Bankshares Corporation   
KKRI  Kayenta Kreations Inc   
KBLHW  KBL Healthcare Acquisition Corp. II   
KBLHU  KBL Healthcare Acquisition Corp. II   
KBLH  KBL Healthcare Acquisition Corp. II   
KWPW  Keewatin Windpower Corp.   
KNTX  Kentex Petroleum, Inc.   
KTYB  Kentucky Bancshares, Inc.   
KINV  Kentucky Investors, Inc.   
KHPAW  Key Hospitality Acquisition Corporation   
KHPAU  Key Hospitality Acquisition Corporation   
KHPA  Key Hospitality Acquisition Corporation   
KYCN  Keystone Consolidated Industries, Inc.   
KIRY  Kiewit Royalty Trust   
KKTI  KIK Technology International Inc   
KLIB  Killbuck Bancshares, Inc. (Ohio)   
KWBT  Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corporation   
KDSM  Klondike Star Mineral Corporation   
KMAG  KMA Global Solutions International, Inc.   
KWTN  Knewtrino, Inc.   
KNBS  Knobias, Inc.   
KNVS  Knova Software, Inc.   
KDKN  Kodiak Energy, Inc.   
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