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BFCFB  B F C Financial Corp   
BDFC  B&D Food Corp.   
VHTI  B.H.I.T. Inc.   
BTOD  B2Digital, Inc.   
BABB  BAB, Inc.   
BTYH  Bad Toys Holdings, Inc.   
BBBK  Baker Boyer Bancorp   
BPWRF  Balaton Power Inc   
BRSI  Ballistic Recovery Systems, Inc.   
BSPA  Ballston Spa Bancorp, Inc.   
BLSV  Balsam Ventures Inc   
BLTA  Baltia Air Lines, Inc.   
BONC  Bank of Commerce (NC)   
BNNP  Bank of Napa NA (CA)   
BCAN  Bank of New Canaan (CT) (The)   
BRCH  Bank of Richmond N.A. (The) (VA)   
BSOG  Bank of Salem (OR)   
BSCA  Bank of Santa Clarita (CA)   
BOJF  Bank of the James Financial Group, Inc. (VA)   
BKOT  Bank On It, Inc. (CA)   
BKRL  Bank Reale (WA)   
BKUT  Bank Utica NY   
BKUTK  Bank Utica NY   
BSTR  Banker's Store Inc (The)   
BGVF  BankGreenville Financial Corporation   
BANY  Banyan Corporation (Oregon)   
BAOB  Baraboo Bancorp, Inc.   
BSSA  Barossa Coffee Company, Inc.   
BOGA  Baseline Oil & Gas Corp.   
BSIC  Basic Earth Science Systems, Inc.   
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